Improve Your Skills and Take it to the Edge!

Driving schools are a great place to see what you and your “Bimmer” can handle. Most all car makes, models and drivers are welcome to attend. Due to safety reasons, SUVs and some other cars are not allowed. There are usually two-three schools scheduled as a part of our total driving event year.

Some are held at Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Illinois and only 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis. This 1.6 mile track incorporates the oval and an infield with challenging corners. Events are usually held between March and into early November. Check the calendar for dates and updates. Registration is at www.motorsportreg.com.

All our schools provide an opportunity to learn performance driving from trained instructors under the safest of conditions. Once you understand how your car reacts to well–defined stress levels incurred during track driving, you will be better prepared for those highway and traffic emergencies. This is a great investment for any driver.

Our schools provide the following benefits:

  • Pre-Event Technical Inspections, free to registrants, at selected locations
  • Technical classroom instruction, including printed materials from the curriculum content
  • Separated skill level grouping to foster more effective learning
  • A major portion of behind-the-wheel experience
  • Instructors assigned generally 1:1 to provide maximum personal attention
  • Attendance gifts often included or available for purchase)
  • Water available during the event; no alcohol permitted until end of day’s schedule
  • Camaraderie with other enthusiasts and club members from around the country

Be aware, these events are serious business, requiring the practical considerations of driving your car at speed and the accompanying risks. The event is not a race nor is any racing allowed. Timing or other competition equipment is strictly prohibited. These events provide a controlled environment where you can safely learn you and your vehicle’s performance capabilities. All participants are required to be BMW CCA members, 18 years of age or older, licensed in any US state, and sign waivers of liability. No one is allowed onto the track during a school session without an approved Snell SA or M helmet. Club-owned, loaner helmets are available reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

All vehicles must pass a Technical Inspection as dictated by our event policies. Not only do our schools always conform to the safety requirements of the event-location track, but the minimum standards of BMW CCA as well. Every provision for your safety and well-being are mandated by our procedures and processes, including full time attendance of certified emergency personnel and support. All events are fully insured against liability. However, we recommend checking with your own insurance provider for details of your specific coverage and liability. We believe a safe school is an enjoyable one for everyone.